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RVS Properties, Developments And Maintenance Building Contractors

About Us

RVS Properties And Developments is a family owned construction business with over 60 years of combined experience in creating new homes and memories for families 

We specialise in residential property and commercial property, we have a firm belief that your property is the most secure investment for the future and should reach it’s full potential. We also buy repossessed and distressed properties.

Company Profile

At RVS Properties And Developments we do the following

All Painting Jobs


Damp Proofing

Roofing Repairs

Building And Developments

Alterations / Renovations

All Plumbing Work

All Electrical Maintenance / COC's

Gas Installations / COC’s

Garden Services

Gutters Installations

Paving And Tarring

Buying distressed properties

Our History

RVS Properties And Developments has designed and developed numerous complexes that are affordable for new young families who are just getting started

We have also over the years increased the value of numerous properties and making those properties as unique as they can be

As multiple property owners we at RVS Properties And Developments realise how important renovations and upkeep of your home is

We strive to improve the value of all properties and projects because your property is a long term investment and your pride and joy

At RVS Properties And Developments we understand the importance of exceptional work and the necessary attention to detail, at the right price

RVS Properties And Developments has a combined trackrecord of more than 60 years experience in this industry

Contact Us

Contact: Ruan Van Der Schyff, Mobile: 072 488 7574

Email:, Website:

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